Civil engineering department is the first department in the Faculty of engineering at the university of Zanjan. This department was established in 1983 by admitting 43 students in A.A of general works of buildings. B.Sc students in civil engineering admitted in 1994, as well as of Structural engineering in 2001.

Currently this department admits students in structural engineering, hydraulic Structures, Highway and pavement design, transportation, and geotechnical engineering in B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D.

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering and it deals with natural and man-made built environment - their planning, design, construction and management. Civil engineering has the important branches of:

- Structural Engineering

- Earthquake Engineering

- Geotechnical Engineering

- Construction Management Engineering

- Hydraulic Structures Engineering

- Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

- Highway and Pavement Design and transportation Engineering

- Environmental Engineering

- Construction and Management Engineering


Now Dr. Hasan Taherkhani is the head of this department.


Laboratories :

- Soil Mechanics Lab

- Construction Material Lab

- Concrete Technology Lab

- Hydraulic Lab

- Bitumen and Asphalt Lab

Communication with civil engineering

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